Category: Moving image and Installation

As long as there is bone there is language

2021. 6minutes 11 seconds. Moving image. In reality, these things need to be said because this world will empty you before you even know you can be full. Before you know you can reach metamorphosis it will strip you of your alchemy. Beneath the erasure of our roots and at

It made me cry

It made me cry. 2020. Moving image. 2minutes 36seconds It made me cry is about the continuous metamorphosis caused by anxiety and it’s resulting depression. The images begin with a body coming out of deep darkness and follows it as it goes through motions of absence, pain, indulgence, growth and

The christening

The Christening. Moving image installation. 2mins 16secs. 2019 This is the pain in stillness and the peace in loneliness that can only exist under water. It is ocean filled lungs and saltwater eyes, an alternative pleasure. This is the feeling before the surface. It is the moment in time that comes before the

Save me father for I have lived

“Save me father for I have lived” is an experimental documentary installation piece that discusses the connection between suffering and growth. It is a plea for comfort from a father who has left the earth as the different versions of the same child learn to live with this loss. Save me

The Problem of the Negrophiliac

              The Problem of the Negrophiliac. Moving image Installation, 6 channel video, muslin, black acrylic. 2019   Navigating my black body through assemblies of white filled spaces. Party lights distort the room, turning faces from shadow to light then back again, but my face


MotherTongue. Size variable. Moving image installation, 6 channel video, ceramic. 2018. We exist in so many layers that our identities can never fully be unraveled. Language as one of these layers holds the fluidity necessary to capture the movements of these identities, through expansion and loss. “MotherTongue” is an installation

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