As a self-portrait artist, Arit Emmanuela Etukudo recreates the relationship between her body’s physical movements in the world and its incorporeal movements as a result of that. In her work, her body is not limited by form, space or time; but instead manifests itself beyond what is immediately perceptible. The deconstruction of the known world and the act of her identity being the holder of dimension challenges the modern constructs of how the black body is allowed to exist. This inserts the narrative of Afrofuturism, as a source of black radical imagination and Afrofrequency, the root of the black magical experience. Her work acts as a source of emancipation from systems that attempt to limit her existence. Inspired by creators like Zanele Muholi, Frida Kahlo, Bill Viola and Athi-Patra Ruga; Etukudo creates work that uses the body as language.

Recent exhibitions include Garden, Art Share LA USA (2020), Lost Stories, Surface Gallery UK (2020), Prescription, Art out Loud LA, USA (2020), Waiting to become: Images from a dream-state, Attenborough Arts Center UK (2019 ), Octeria, Surface Gallery UK (2019), NAE Open, New Art Exchange UK (2019), Left Bank Leeds Art Prize Exhibition UK (2019), AfterMath, Nottingham Contemporary UK (2018), Mélanges des Fruit, Primary UK (2018), De temps en temps, Theatre Paul Scarron France (2018), and Future Focus, Ghana, Kenya, Capetown (2018).

She has also been shortlisted for the 2020 Walter and Sondheim Art Prize, the 2019 Left Bank Leeds Art Prize, and went on to win the 2019 NAE Open Future Exhibition Prize, the 2017 Indie Capitol Award for Best Experimental/Animated film, and the 2016 UMBC Senior Exhibition prize for outstanding work in Cinematic Arts. She has held residencies at Haarlem Art Space UK and Surface Gallery UK.

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