Arit Emmanuela Etukudo is a Nigerian-American self-portrait Moving Image Installation and Performance Artist whose practice deals with the fluidity and metamorphosis of Black identity. Using moving images, VFX, soundscapes, poetry, and sculpture she transports viewers to a realm where they bear witness to metaphysical worlds created by her subconscious identities. As a Black Queer African woman, her work heals and reconciles her existence to this world.

Inspired by the Agnicayana ritual of recomposing Prajapati’s body after cosmogenesis, her practice follows her existence as it is re-formed through evocations of the identities within her. Such as, the shadow self, the inner child, the passion, etc. She uses the Black Radical Imagination to emancipate Black creations and existence from the bounds of society by focusing on transformative dreaming. She is defining the term “AfroFrequency” as the root of the Black Magical Experience. That is the ontology, mysticism, history, and transcendental realities that live at the root of African existence. She wants her practice to be a tool for liberation that ushers marginalized communities into innovating their futures. The raw and personal narratives in her work emancipate identity from societal restrictions by removing the white monolithic lens from her Black body.

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