The third position

The third position. 2018. Theatre Paul Scarron.

The first position, is birth

The mother Mary

Our god Mary Etukudo – Reflective Document 25

Mistress of god our mother

Hands of blessing

The second position is life

The child, the baby, the infant

Hands of prayer

Because god knows we need it

The third position

Has no name

The holy ghost, the holy spirit

The soul part of everything

The symbol of death

The hands.

1st position: Birth

This is about the mother in all forms, the creator, the earth and the universe bringing us into being and blessing us with life.

2nd position: Life

This is the cycle; we remain children until we are not. This is the idea that this is the most painful part about living. Experiencing the growing pains. This is when we need divine intervention the most.

3rd position: Death

This is the end. Everything that we have held throughout our lives comes to an end. This is the peaceful part.

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