As long as there is bone there is language

2021. 6minutes 11 seconds. Moving image.

In reality, these things need to be said because this world will empty you before you even know you can be full. Before you know you can reach metamorphosis it will strip you of your alchemy. Beneath the erasure of our roots and at the base of our existence is a frequency that tells the story of our magic and our bounty. This AfroFrequency ignores the mechanical west and replaces it with the organic spirituality of African being. But we are taught that this essence is evil. Wrong. Shameful. We are taught to fear the roots of ourselves in the name of westernized grace.

As long as there is bone, there is language
, is an excerpt from a feature-length self-portrait documentary about metamorphosis and the alchemic core of existence. This excerpt discusses the fear and disdain surrounding African spirituality within the Black and African communities. Because of this fear, a stifling occurs on the understanding of our innate magicism. This excerpt brings forth liberation and the connection between the history and transcendental realities that exist at the base of the Black existence.

At BACKLIT Gallery August 6th – 29th 2021

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