The christening

The Christening. Moving image installation. 2mins 16secs. 2019

This is the pain in stillness and the peace in loneliness that can only exist under water. It is ocean filled lungs and saltwater eyes, an alternative pleasure. This is the feeling before the surface. It is the moment in time that comes before the solitude of being a part of the world.

“The Christening” was inspired by a moment where I nearly drowned in a swimming pool full of my family members. In an attempt to swim over to them my foot got tangled in a pool divider, which subsequently flipped me upside down causing me to struggle to untangle myself as I attempted to reach for the surface to get someone’s attention. While underwater, I felt as though the world had left me and I was the only person that existed. For the first time I completely understood the solitude of existing and confirmed it once I reached the surface. I swam over to my family members to tell them what had happened but before I could, my sister looked at me and said “I forgot you were even here, where did you go? We didn’t even notice you were gone”

At New Art Exchange August 13th – October 9th 2021

At Surface Gallery November 2nd – November 16th 2019

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