Michelle Increase Volum

Your bald head

Your brown skin

Your baby powder plastic scent

How everyone loving the way you smelled

Your laugh

Your locket

Your voice

The soft movements of your arms and legs

How you snored while you slept

The song they wrote for you

Your pink earrings

How everyone wanted to hold you

Being dropped

The tube in your throat

Your missing leg

How you drowned

Your pee on my leg

Being thrown by me

Forgiving me

My name in your locket

Your diaper that I did not understand how to change

Your carriage

My closet

Your lost clothes

How you were always forgotten

How you ran out of food

Never growing

How you were always lost

How no one cared about finding you

Your other leg breaking

Your broken earrings

The toothpick stuck in your throat

How you always seemed to smile, even when you were crying

How your palm was still only the size of my finger

Losing your voice

Losing your voice permanently

The marks on your back

Your painted nails

Your lipstick that smudged down your face

Someone trying to fix your leg

That someone failing

Being let go

How you were forgotten

How you were always falling

Losing your locket

Your baby powder plastic scent that never went away

Being forgotten by me

Being remembered by me

Being left by me




Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 1.18.31 AM.png



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