Images that are buried deep will always find a way back to you. You’re 21 and in a museum. You see a marble, and then you’re 5. You’re 5 again and standing in front of the vase of marbles in your aunt’s house that you will soon begin to swallow. The same aunt that you wished were your God mother before you understood what a God mother was, so you ask your mom if your aunt can be your God mother. You don’t understand why she reacts the way she did. Now you do, now you’re 21 and standing in a museum looking at a marble, and you’re sad. A marble made you sad.

Buried images will do this to you. They will take you places you did not know existed. This can be dangerous. You need to watch out. You need to keep your eyes closed and your mind shut. Do not go looking for them, because you’ll be 21 and you’ll drop a beer bottle on the ground, and you’ll see the pieces of broken glass. Then you’re 5, and it’s May, and your mom is screaming, and your uncle is holding you in front of a sink of running water, and your dad is telling your mom to stop screaming, and there’s blood everywhere. These images will snatch you up, they will take you from where you are and put you back where you came from.

They never tell you what came first. These images are you playing in the park, eating with your left hand, screaming in front of a blood filled sink, walking up steps, red popsicles, red koolaid, falling us the steps, red hamburger buns, red knees, red concrete, red hands. They are the car ride to the hospital, they are not knowing whether you passed out, blacked out, or fell asleep.

Buried images are everything happening at once but not anymore. Do not be fooled by the fact that they are called images. They come with sound and feeling. They are being 21 and remembering the image you didn’t know you had of a piece of glass wedged through your thumb. Then you’re 7 and you’re arguing with a friend about how you can say ring finger but not thumb finger. So now you’re 5 and 7 and 21.

Images sit still and move at the same time, they never let you know which one they’ll be doing. They bang on your surface but cannot rise, they become the way you feel when you can’t remember the word on the tip of your tongue that you never knew. They are fleeting and ever present at the same time. Do not believe a thing you see, buried images are often full of lies. They are looking down at your bloody hand in the bathroom sink but looking into the mirror and seeing your sister’s face.


  1. What is it that haunts you? Is it how bad it is to raise the dead? To give life to something that did not own it in the first place? Why does your face fall and twist and gape? Why do you scream with your mouth open and your eyes sad? Where does your passion come from?


  1. What is it that disgusts you? Is it falling in love with something that you shouldn’t or is it that cupid himself condones this with a smile on his face and an arrow drawn? Is it the unnatural becoming natural? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of what love is capable of?


  1. Or do you think falling in love with something you’ve created a sin? Do you find it vain and narcissistic? Is it that you’re angry?


  1. Why don’t you ignore it? Why don’t you turn your head like you see nothing, better yet why don’t you stare at yourself in the mirror? Maybe use your own moral perfections to suppress your feelings of indignation. Do you too want this feeling? Do you find this unfair? Do you find this shameful?


  1. Are you shocked that something like this can happen? Is it that you’re surprised? Do you think the shallow do not deserve happiness? Do you think the only thing that should be given to them is punishment? Do you not wish them well?


  1. Is it about the child? The way the mother shields their eyes? Are you frightened for the child or are you against the mother? Do you think this is something a child needs to see? Do you not believe that children should be shielded from the world? Or are you appalled by the child’s presence?


  1. Maybe you are frightened for the girl? Is it because you know she can never love someone else? Because you know she can have no other purpose than to be with this man? Do you not agree with the fate that she was given? Do you want to save her from him?


  1. Or maybe it’s because of him. Do you find obsession poisonous? Do see him as a slave to false love? Do you want to save him from his pleasure? Do you want to save him from her?


  1. Or is it the fish? Are you worried about what will happen to the fish? Are you thinking about how people don’t care about the things that are smaller than them? Are you thinking about the things that are neglected once love is found? Are you thinking about yourself?


  1. Why do you scream or gape or bellow? Why does your face hold so much pain or anger or shame? Why are your eyes like this? Why is your face like this? Where does your passion come from? What did this to you?



  • A photograph means that an image has been stolen from time. The image has been captured and once you look at the image you too will become captured. So you will stand with the image in mutual capturedness being reminded that the photograph, the image, the reminder of a place you can never return, a place that you can never go, a time you can never touch, can only bring longing, nostalgia, a happy kind of sadness.
  • The photograph steals a moment from the past and present at the same time. Upon looking at it you long to continue to do just this, look at it; even if it is only for a second a moment from time has been taken.
  • If the image is particularly good you will feel the need to go back to this image, see it again, experience it again. But no matter how much you love the image or feel for it you may never get that same feeling you had the very first time you saw the image, the moment, the reminder.
  • A photograph always has to be tangible, an image does not. You can touch the photograph but you cannot touch the moment. You can love it but you cannot go back, you cannot feel again, you cannot understand deeper than what you see.
  • A photograph can be a very interesting thing. You can take the image from the look on your sister’s face when she caught you in the kitchen seconds before thumb met knife blade and store it in the scar on your hand. If you photograph this scar on your hand you have now managed to steal multiple images from time and place them in one photograph. Upon looking at the photograph you create another moment in time, another possible photograph.
  • When you look at a photograph you may think that you gain the ability to steal the image of the moment that you are in. You may think that you escaped the longing, the nostalgia, the happy kind of sadness. Do not be deceived. Unless a photograph is taken you will feel these things. If a photograph is taken, you will still feel these things. There is no escape, a photograph just makes these feelings better or worse. There is no saying.
  • If you take a photograph of the scar, then a photograph of you looking at the photograph of the scar, and so on. You can capture a never-ending sequence of moments, but these moments will be lost in you. Photographs will be lost in the world. In the end everything will be gone. There is no escape from this. Photographs were created to bring longing and nostalgia and a happy kind of sadness.

Your bald head

Your brown skin

Your baby powder plastic scent

How everyone loving the way you smelled

Your laugh

Your locket

Your voice

The soft movements of your arms and legs

How you snored while you slept

The song they wrote for you

Your pink earrings

How everyone wanted to hold you

Being dropped

The tube in your throat

Your missing leg

How you drowned

Your pee on my leg

Being thrown by me

Forgiving me

My name in your locket

Your diaper that I did not understand how to change

Your carriage

My closet

Your lost clothes

How you were always forgotten

How you ran out of food

Never growing

How you were always lost

How no one cared about finding you

Your other leg breaking

Your broken earrings

The toothpick stuck in your throat

How you always seemed to smile, even when you were crying

How your palm was still only the size of my finger

Losing your voice

Losing your voice permanently

The marks on your back

Your painted nails

Your lipstick that smudged down your face

Someone trying to fix your leg

That someone failing

Being let go

How you were forgotten

How you were always falling

Losing your locket

Your baby powder plastic scent that never went away

Being forgotten by me

Being remembered by me

Being left by me




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